Thursday, November 18, 2010

New EMail Address

To give a little background, my GMail account got hacked couple of days back. Some smart fellows from China outsmarted not so smart Google fellows and could actually get into my account! They sent spam to all my contacts! Then started my search on Google forums to see if I am the only victim. But no.. I saw hundreds of such cases posted!

So what is Google doing? Hey they pulled their operations out of China couple of months back.. remember? I had to believe that that's all Google was willing to do! I wish they instead did the good old bug fixing!

Having lost my trust in Google and I started my looking for a new Email provider. Just in time, came across the news that AOL is revamping their Email system!

I wanted give AOL a try for two reasons, firstly, the above news and secondly I somehow thought may be these Chinese smarties won't bother to hack this already dead mail!

Now, I proceed to AOL to create a new account and they don't allow me to have a "dot" in my username? But why? They just revamped their system and still can't allow a "dot" in the username? But why?

Okay I was actually mentally prepared for some compromises as I know moving away from GMail would not be easy. I settled for a user name that did not liked and filled the rest of the form and clicked "Submit". Here comes the response

They say they can't create my Mailbox, they wanted me start all over again and tell them if it happens again! What? They did a revamp and they can't even create a new account without errors? Man I am a nice guy and don't want to a use any swear words but the whole AOL teach team deserves it!

Now after mentally cursing them clicked on the "click here" link to start over! But surprise I go straight to the Inbox and the welcome message! What? Are you kidding me? You guys don't even know whether account creation was successfully completed or not?

May be I should better go back to GMail. You know.... sometimes all you can do is settle for the local optimum!

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